We are now living in an era of entropy under several forms : environmental and informational. A notion of disorder is thus, becoming an innovation field.

Environmental entropy for the loss and destruction of energies that we have known, will bring, as every industrial revolution, the arrival of one or more new form(s) of energy. Climate change is also at the forefront, redefining seasons will bring new cycles of habits, production and communication. Here, inspiration can come from geological phenomenons.

The degeneration isn’t just material but also psychological : according to different data, the European IQ has lost 4 points. This is leading us to a social vision of "cretinization" taking also into account the endrocrine disrupters present around us. In parallel, the scenarios about automation of work are forecasting a transitional moment in which 10 to 20% of jobs would disappear, where the decision-making in these jobs would decrease.

Information Entropy is also spreading, through viral and fake news phenomenons, the facilitation of misinformation is leading us to the desire for a filtered world where one can be protected from anxiety news. Trust, truth, transparency are still today the subject of many studies, defining new values for brands to commit with.

But entropy, according to Stephen Hawking's work, has a temperature, and thus, can radiate. Radiations are what we will create or deal with from those entropies : filtering misinformations, healing rays, ephemeral rays, etc..



Material Waste
Related Blood Basse Stittgen

INDUSTRIAL WASTE TO POST-LUXURY - After discovering that slaughterhouses discarded billions of litres of animal blood every year, the designer wanted to re-use those scraps to create a series of objects. The powder of blood is heated and pressed to become a protein-based biopolymer.

Ephemeral World
Breve Phone

EPHEMERAL USE - Zenum Technologies has designed a phone in which all the content self-destructs after an amount of time according to user settings. The whole content of the phone is sendt to a cloud, accessible for a limited period.

Positive Obsolescence
Maria Kurian

POSITIVE OBSOLESCENCE - The designer created a plastic made of rice that disintegrates itself after 10 minutes of use. A manufacturing process based on layers of starch allows the conception of water bottles that last for a couple days. 

Self-healing materials
Pangenerator commissioned by the National Ethnographic Museum of Warsaw

Pangenerator is an installation that invites the public to take a selfie which will be projected onto a screen before fading and disappearing into nothingness.

"Svart" by Snøhetta in collaboration with Asplan Vik and Skanska

The hotel is designed to produce more energy than it will consume, reducing the yearly energy consumption by 85% compared to a modern hotel. It is the first Powerhouse hotel above the Arctic Circle.


Design Tools

Deep Orange
R 193 G 83 B 27
Traditionnal Wine
R 117 G 38 B 43
Hot Red
R 166 G 39 B 24
Dark Orange
R 155 G 78 B 21
Glossy Red
R 210 G 9 B 18
Luxuruous Violet
R 41 G 24 B 60
Bright Sunshine
R 248 G 191 B 0


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