Retail, Automotive, Beauty, Merchandising, Consumer goods, Food & Drink, Hospitality, Textiles & Materials, Fashion, Furnitures, Healthcare & Wellness.
━ Design and Foresight Consultancy
Anticipate the Futures to craft your own.
We support brands in crafting their futures and cultivating their DNA. We help create a forward vision, collection, strategy, product and service.  We constantly explore and analyse the key drivers and macro innovations which shape our Futures. We deliver innovation tools, design forecasting and future studies. Our expertise is based on foresight (qualitative studies), color and material design and anthropological research. We believe that there is multiple and different Futures and that time isn't repeating itself but always in movement. Thus, we help to differently see what's going next and how you can already be an actor of the suitable futures by mixing art, design et innovation.