Future Visions 2018
This report presents 6 key lifestyle concepts exploring the evolution of individual identities in the digital age, our relation with nature, cities, information, wellness through light experiences and a new conception of time with positive planned obsolescence.


Philosophers such as Bernard Stiegler are seeing our environment as a producer of entropies. Entropy is the idea that the whole world we live in is constantly moving from order to disorder. To face the entropies, we will see the arrival of self-reliant and sustainable communities. Lifecycles of products and services will be directly crowd-sourced. Carbon neutral cities will rise, in partnership with brands, redesigning our interiors and mobilities. This report focus on six design trends that we have noticed during 2018 :


METAMORPHE : In the future, we will deal with different types of identities of ourselves and our environments. HUMUS : A new relationship with Nature is rising among cities. EXODUS : Urban exode is a rising phenomenon, giving birth to new lifestyles. HERMETISM : Coding isn’t just about computers and digital world, it will allows us to protect ourselves in both physical and spiritual way. ENTROPY : Entropy is a thermodynamic variable which inspirates new ressources and lifecycles. SOLARIUS : Irradiations are a process of our Futures, we will see more than just one kind of lights.


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