Masculinities's Tomorrow
This report explores ten emerging tribes redefining manhood and masculinity today. We used data from social media and market quantitative and qualitative analysis to draw the following directions, including design innovation key points, quotes and opinions from influencers. The end of the study offers CMF future archetype ranges.


As stereotypes can be toxics, the patriarchal figure is challenged. Old Manhood codes are throwing out giving place for Men to authenticity and empathy, encouraging men to show and share their feelings (Boys don’t cry has become Boys do cry). In the 2017 GQ Australia Masculinity Survey, 38,3 % of the respondents agreed that it is great for men to show their emotions more than they used to. Pressure on the body image is rising with social media where men aged between 18-34 years old are making a concerted effort to appear more attractive (according to the latest Men’s Health survey released in 2017). The use of steroids and the rise of the athleisure and #healthy trend is also shaping a general male anxiety.


The report explores ten cultural emerging tribes : 1# Anxious 2# Clean Urbanists 3# Neo-culturists 4# Bromainstreamers 5# Fatherhood Gurus 7# Matures 8# Low nerds 9# Sentimentalists 10# Hardis


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